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Casa della Macchina Rossa

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* secret initiation meeting pending - (any members have a live goat and a fraternity paddle?)

Scott Blayock Oklahoma City, OK. Scott is the Proud Papa of a molto bello, French Blue 1969 or 1970 1750 GTV. Benvenuto Signore Scott!

Tulsa Oklahoma Alfa Romeo Owners Club

Tulsa Oklahoma Alfa Romeo Club

alfa romeo owners club oklahoma

Oklahoma Alfa Romeo

Car Club Oklahoma

Lawn darts or Jarts™, swimming, slot car racing, car talk, cookout, grenade toss, Roma Candele roulette and...Beers & Dangerous Fireworks!! Amerika! What a country! - Molto Patriottismo Americano!, eh?!

Suit up (or not) and show up early for a swim - what happens in Mannford stays in Mannford

Members bring side dishes, Jell-O ® desserts, Jell-O ® shots, drinks, beer, booze (legal and illegal), fireworks (legal and illegal), fire extinguishers, ear & eye protection, first aid kits, etc. Fun for all ages! Be there or you don't love the good ol' US of A, you Commie Hippy(s)!

Simmon's Annual 4th of July

Festa di Explosive Ordinancé

922 S 263rd West Ave, Sand Springs, OK 74063-5052, United States o’ ‘Merica